Australian Outback Tours - Gold Extreme

Tour description

Gold Extreme - Australian Outback Tour
Length: 15 days
Price: AUD$2,999.00
Starts: on 4th of each months
Group Size: minimum 8 people

Itinerary of Gold Extreme Australian Outback Tour

Australian Outback Tour: Day 1
Arrival in Melbourne. Meeting a guide and departure into South-East regions of Victoria. Staying overnight in motel.

Australian Outback Tour: Day 2
Driving into the wild mountain pockets. Walking to the tent camp set on the bank of mountain river. Settling in the camp and first training in alluvial gold prospecting gold panning in the river and gold prospecting using "GoldCleaner" device.

Australian Outback Tour: Day 3 - Day 7
Gold panning in the river using "GoldCleaner" device. Gold prospecting using metal detectors.
Enjoy the overwhelming nature of mountain region. Wonderful views, giant eucalyptus trees, mountain rivers, gold-veined quartz, true wilderness, unscarred big kangaroos, other mysterious animal species of Australia.

Australian Outback Tour: Day 8
In the afternoon - trip to the local town for entertainment. Staying in hotel overnight.

Australian Outback Tour: Day 9 - Day 12
Departure for the new location. With a help of the guide, choose the spot for new tent camp with a view to stay for 3 days.
Geo reconnaissance of the area and gold prospecting.

Australian Outback Tour: Day 13
Departure into sea-side regions. Visiting boutique wineries and wine tasting.
You will taste best Australian wines and experience the openness, softness and clean excitement of fruity flavours. That is what make Australian wine so popular!
Visit the national park to see Australian fauna.
Staying overnight in hotel.

Australian Outback Tour: Day 14
Fishing, snorkelling in the ocean. Free time. Departure to Melbourne. Checking in the hotel.

Day 15
Free time of gold prospectors in big city. Airport transfer. Departure home.

Australian outback tour price: what is included
  • bi-lingual professional gold prospecting guides (English, Russian)
  • accommodation during the whole tour
  • all transportation
  • 3 meals daily in the tent camp
  • all camp gear
  • gold prospecting licenses and permits
  • all gold prospecting equipment
  • snorkelling gear

Australian outback tour price: what is NOT included
  • airfares
  • travel insurance from the moment of departure to completion of the tour (about AUD$200)
  • meals in the hotels (approx AUD$160 per person)

Gold Extreme Tour

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15 days in Gold Extreme Adventure - Australian outback tour.