Adventure Tours Australia - Flight for Gold

Tour description

Adventure Tours Australia
Length: 6 days
Price: AUD$5,999.00
Starts: on 28th of each months
Group Size: 3

Itinerary of Flight for Gold Adventure Tour

Adventure Tour - Day 1
Adventure tour starts with arrival in Melbourne. Meeting a tour guide and checking in the hotel. Free time.

Adventure Tour - Day 2 - Day 4
Departure into mountain regions in four-wheel drive (4WD). Personal training with tour guide in:
- using metal detectors
- using GPS devices
- map reading
Flight into wild mountain pockets in a chopper. Initial reconnaissance of the area. Setting a tent camp. Gold prospecting for 3 days.
Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Adventure Tour - Day 5
Departure in Melbourne in the afternoon. Checking in the hotel. Free time.
Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Adventure Tour - Day 6 Adventure tour ends with the airport transfer and departure home.
Meals: breakfast

Adventure tour price: what is included
  • travel insurance from the moment of departure to completion of the tour
  • bi-lingual professional gold prospecting guides (English, Russian)
  • accommodation during the whole tour
  • all transportation in 4 wheel drives and drivers, in choppers with pilots
  • 3 meals daily in the tent camp and motels
  • all camp gear
  • gold prospecting licenses and permits
  • all gold prospecting equipment

Flight for Gold Tour

Adventure tours Australia

Adventure Tours Australia, 6 days in the Outback, gold prospecting.