Adventure Tours in Australia - Gold Prospecting for Pleasure and ... Profit!

If you are a fan of sun-baking at the beach or prefer boring bus tours, this website is not for you. We invite adventurous men and women to indulge in real gold rush adventure via gold prospecting in Australia.

You will see pristine places, embrace incredible nature, meet real outback diggers and prospect real gold in Australia.

Our gold prospecting tours include:

  • travel in 4 wheel drives to remote locations
  • sleep in tents in the open under the stars
  • eat delicious food cooked on open fire
  • prospect and find REAL gold

Our guarantee

We guarantee you to find real gold that you can legitimately sell or bring home with you in adventure tour in Australia.

Gold prospecting tours

Gold prospecting in Australia is a legitimate activity. We will help you to purchase a gold prospecting license. This document provides you with the right to prospect gold within certain territory, for certain period of time and using certain tools.

We will then drive you to locations that have a history and good potential of gold prospecting. All required equipment for adventure tours will be supplied. Our experienced guides will provide the training.

At day time you will be prospecting gold. At night time you will stay not in 5 Star - in 5 Million star tent - just under these stars! Your food will be professionally cooked on a bonfire in the style of Australian outback. Bonfire will also be a place where you will sit nearby at night listening to wonderful stories about gold, Australian wildlife, adventures of other diggers. You will never forget them!

Gold prospecting adventure

Gold prospecting will be performed using fossicking, gold panning and electronic gold detecting. Since the time of first gold diggers, gold hunting is an extreme pursuit.
It opens the spirit of adventure in anyone. You - the modern adventurer - will experience an exciting journey into the most mystical natural creation - gold!

The biggest gold nuggets in history were found in Australia. Many more are waiting to be found yet. If you are ready for adventure tour in gold propsecting in Australia - contact us now!.

Melbourne Wine Tasting Tours

Other tours are available. We can recommend wine tasting tours in Yarra Valley. The richness of Australian wines, beatiful vineyards, great scenery and professional service of experienced guides. You will be driven in comfortable cars in small groups.

You may choose from half day tours or full day tours - make your choice.

Yarra Valley wineries are well known attraction and they deserve such reputation. You will also get a recommendation on best wines to buy at the cellar door.